Empowering Agencies
and Brands

Using Data to Achieve
Transformational Results

New Era, New Tools

Tickr has developed a smart, secure, and scalable cloud analytics platform tailored to the unique requirements of agencies and brands.

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Brand Health Tracking

Tickr provides a holistic real-time overview of brand health across multiple channels, coupled with peer and competitor brand health metrics.

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Advanced Media Analysis

Tickr ingests and analyzes millions of news stories and social media posts in real-time, custom-ranking them by reach, mentions, trust, velocity, and sentiment.

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Risk Analytics

Tickr uses proprietary AI to predict, measure and manage media-based crisis events across news and social channels, enabling timely and effective response.

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Automated Reporting

Tickr enables agencies to scale their insights and reporting for single or cross-client applications with simple, elegant reports.

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Influencer Intelligence

Tickr’s proprietary network analysis algorithym identifies, ranks and tracks online influencers based on unique, client-specific criteria.

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Agency and Client Cloud

Tickr provides a Common Data Platform for agency and clients to share data, metrics and content simply, securely, and privately.

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Tickr Enhances the Agency Workflow


Extend the Agency Brand into the Cloud


Automate Routine Metrics Monitoring and Reporting


Free the Team to Focus on Insights


Drive Business Growth and Client Satisfaction

Future Focused Platform


We post-process ingested data using a combination of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and external API data.


Tickr uses a
state-of-the-art container system to auto-scale servers based on real-time global demand.

Data Agnostic

We explicitly follow enterprise best-practices for security and privacy to ensure a safe environment for agency and brand data.


Tickr is designed for agency self-support, enabling quick configuration of client environments, data sources, and reports.


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