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Tickr OmniView™

OmniView offers real-time cross-channel data integration, deep AI-powered insights, and predictive analytics

Enabling brands, distributors, and retailers to optimize the mix of marketing and sales across traditional, digital, and in-store.


The OmniView Platform

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OmniView unifies data silos and increases sales performance

Many organizations lack a single source of truth on how the performance of marketing, sales, and channel efforts impact growth. Sales, marketing, brand, and channel data often live in silos, which forces many teams to rely on time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes to gather the insights necessary to make informed decisions

Introducing the power of a common data solution

Quotation symbol graphicTickr technology takes our AI and analytics power to the next level by providing suppliers and the RNDC team instant access to comprehensive views of their sales and brands at any given moment. It will offer the most holistic view of brand performance available in our industry. Tracy Ariail, Senior Vice President eCommerce and Digital at RNDC

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