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Tickr OmniView™

OmniView offers complete cross-channel data integration, deep AI-driven intelligence, and predictive analytics

Tickr OmniView gives consumer brands, their distributors and sales channels complete visibility and on-demand analytic insights to optimize sales, marketing and brand spend and drive revenue growth across the entire consumer product value chain.

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OmniView unifies data silos and increases sales performance

Unlike major e-commerce platforms, the CPG value chain lacks a single source of truth on the performance of marketing, sales, and channel efforts and their impact on revenue.

Sales, marketing, brand, and channel data often live in silos, and most teams still rely on time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes and spreadsheets to bring it together, run analysis and make decisions.

Introducing the power of a common data platform for CPG

Tickr OmniView combines powerful Integrations, Machine Learning, Analytics and Visualizations with brand level sales, e-commerce, multi-channel marketing, and in-store promotional data. Plus news, social media signals and market trend data, all in one place.

Initial analysis is driven by machine learning over large data sets, and reports are available whenever needed. From national and regional views, to in-town and in-store detail. Predictive analytics allow scenario exploration in real time, to optimize channels and spend for maximum revenue.

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