Tickr OmniView for Distributors

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OmniView gives distributors complete visibility and on-demand analytic insights to optimize sales, marketing and brand spend across their entire consumer product value chain, from brands and suppliers, to all retailers. From hyper-local, to regional and national in scope.
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    SKU-level performance tracking

    Delivers real time, omnichannel tracking of 1,000s of SKUs across on-premise and off-premise retailers, marketing, promotions, news and social media

  • Predictive node network

    Predictive modeling

    Enables predictive, multi-scenario marketing mix modeling

  • A grid of barcodes being scanned

    Sales & marketing resource optimization

    Assists in optimizing sales and marketing resource across hundreds of thousands of SKUs

  • Big Brain

    Creates super sales reps

    Gives your field sales reps all of the real-time-hyperlocal data they need to make them smarter than every other distributors' rep. Same-store, town-level, regional, and national data.

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    Drives supplier adoption and usage

    Drives e-Commerce platform adoption & usage by your suppliers, who log in to your platform to see their own dashboards

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    And much more

    Intelligent alerts, forecasting, sentiment scoring, NSFW content detection, summarization, image product detection, relevance, impact scoring, keyword/entity extraction

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