Tickr OmniView for Brands

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OmniView gives brands complete visibility and on-demand analytic insights to optimize sales, marketing and brand spend across the entire consumer product value chain, from the hyper-local, to the regional and national in scope.
  • Small blocks consolidating into one

    Breaks & unifies data silos

    Unifies key data sets: performance and spend data for traditional and digital marketing, promotions and sales

  • Line chart trending upward

    Omnichannel performance assessment

    Provides Omnichannel product sales and marketing performance assessment

  • Abstract representation of social media posts

    Aggregates related news & social media

    Overlays social media and news monitoring, plus other key signals

  • Different shapes with one isolated as a trend

    Spots trends

    Automatically spots trends in key marketing and sales data sets - enables delivery of high value insights in views custom tailored for different brand stakeholders

  • A predictive node network

    Predictive modeling & resource optimization

    Enables predictive, multi-scenario marketing mix modeling. Assists in optimizing sales and marketing resource across hundreds of thousands of SKUs

  • Plus symbol

    And much more

    Intelligent alerts, forecasting, sentiment scoring, NSFW content detection, summarization, image product detection, relevance, impact scoring, keyword/entity extraction

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