We wrangle the data.

You deliver the results.

Tickr Channel Partner Program

Tickr’s Channel Partner Program enables new revenue activation and new analytics service offerings in weeks, not months.

Activate new revenue and client services with zero development

Deliver solutions with either agency or client branding

Deliver real-time, in-meeting insights that lead to quicker andbetter decisions

Use a data-driven process to build client trust and transparency

Escape from manual data processing and free the team to focus on thinking and strategy

Eliminate labor-intensive report building; delivertailored real-time reports directly from cloud to client

Our Partner Process

Deploying your Tickr partner configuration is a 4 to 6 week process:

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Select Data Sources

Securely connect to ANY client data source via Tickr enterprise API connectors or flat files.

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Configure Client Solutions

Use client metrics and media to instantly tailor dashboards to client business objectives.

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Manage all your clients in one solution and unify reporting across your business.

“Through our partnership with TICKR, we are changing the dynamic by surfacing the most relevant client information in real-time, in a way that is directly oriented toward actionable insights.”

- Jonathan Wilson, CEO, Spectrum Science Communications

A Turnkey Agency Data Platform

Tickr delivers everything you need to enable client success:


Tickr enables Agency partners to deploy (and re-sell) Tickr under either the partner’s or client’s branding.


Tickr offers flexible licensing terms that can be tailored to existing Agency-client business relationships.


Tickr has a range of partner support options to assure that clients are fully supported at any level of need.

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