Brand Health Tracker

Tickr Brand Health Tracking Solution Dashboard Screenshot. Real-Time Social Media Listening and analysis tool that shows brand health and perception over time. Always on multi-channel monitoring ranking millions of media posts based on brand impact, enabling immediate focus on the media that matters.
Screenshot of the Tickr Brand Health media card metrics obtained in real-time. Breakdown of post analytics by the impact on your topic, the reach of the post, the amount of times it has been favorited and the level of engagement. It also displays an AI-driven sentiment score and the overall topic sentiment.

Brand Health Tracking solution gives you a high level view of your brand perception both over time and in real-time. Observe peaks and valleys in both news and social media mention volume for the selected date range with always-on media monitoring. The top news and social media posts are ranked and sorted by the level of impact the post has on brand perception. Tickr Brand Health Tracking solution uses real-time sentiment analysis to bring the media that matters most to your attention.

The Brand Health Tracking Dashboard modules show you the overall perceived sentiment of your topic or brand. The Key Phrases module displays a ranked list of the key phrases being used in conversations next to your topic and further down the natural conversation path. The top influencers that have been discussing your brand or topic are also tracked letting you know who is influencing your brand reputation.

The Brand Health Tracker also has a built in alerting system to make you aware of any spikes in news or social media volume. These spikes in volume can be positive or negative publicity opportunities that you will want to address. You can rest easy knowing that brand health and perception is being monitored and analyzed in real-time using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. If there is a large increase in news or social media discussions about your brand you will be notified promptly, to take control of a growing potential PR Crisis.

Brand Health Tracker is one of the many media and marketing analytics solutions offered by Tickr. The Tickr platform for reputation management uses live news and social listening that then undergoes AI-driven sentiment analysis. The Tickr platform integrates real time news and social sources, then analyzes the data for impact and sentiment. Sentiment is evaluated using the latest natural language processing techniques and the overall impact of each mention is scored via a number of key metrics. The top posts and articles can be automatically included in real-time reporting. Tickr provides the leading AI-powered media and marketing analysis and monitoring tools. Drive your decision making with data, contact us today.

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Track overall brand perception over time, with a unified cross-channel view of key health metrics.

Set baselines, assess performances, track against goals, with always-on, multi-channel monitoring.

Millions of media posts are auto ranked based on impact, enabling immediate focus on the media that matters.

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