Our Suite of Six New Analytics Workflow Solutions

Tickr 3.0's new solution packages are designed around the requirements of communications and brand marketing analytics workflows.

Political Brand Index:

See how you and your competitors are viewed in relation to political issues.

See the sentiment split between left and right leaning sources around your brand.

Identify trends in news and social around political topics that are affecting your brand.

Identify top political topics that are mentioned in relation to your brand.

Track changes in your brand political index over time.

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Live Event Tracker:

Optimized for internal and external corporate events, conferences, and meetings of all kinds.

Live tracking of event metrics and content - for example, event mentions provide a visual focal point for attendees.

Dynamic full-screen rendering of event-related content and analytics, appropriate for large screen presentations.

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Competitive Intelligence:

Track peer and competitor messaging, audience reaction, benchmarks, and brand share of voice among your peers and competitors.

See performance for client-brand owned accounts side-by-side with owned accounts from client peers, industry partners and competitors.

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Campaign Tracker:

Track ad performance across channels.

Identify the best and worst-performing ads & channels in real-time, enabling timely reporting.

Create unified campaign views pulling in data from multiple paid channels, web analytics, and earned social & news for a holistic view.

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Brand Health Tracker:

Track overall brand perception over time, with a unified cross-channel view of key health metrics.

Set baselines, assess performances, track against goals, with always-on, multi-channel monitoring.

Millions of media posts are auto ranked based on impact, enabling immediate focus on the media that matters.

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Brand Risk Monitor:

Predict, track and manage potential brand crisis events.

Identify high impact media events that can precipitate a crisis.

Compare a current crisis with historical events.

Identify threats to your business based on the industry context.

Identify the most impactful content during a crisis.

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