Political Brand Index

Plot your brand’s course through current social and political issues, then monitor the results in real time. Gain insight into how political issues are affecting the reputation of your brand and your competitors.

Use cutting edge AI applied to the language of social posts and news mentions of your brand to identify the political leaning of those who are discussing your brand. Tickr’s proprietary sentiment analysis reveals the source of negative and positive sentiment.

Tickr’s powerful insights allow you to benchmark against your competitors, identify political band reputation issues early, modify your message, and then track how your communications affect brand sentiment over time. Tickr also performs the same analysis on your competitors to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls within your industry.

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  • See how you and your competitors are viewed in relation to political issues.
  • See the sentiment split between left and right leaning sources around your brand.
  • Identify trends in news and social around political topics that are affecting your brand.
  • Identify top political topics that are mentioned in relation to your brand.
  • Track changes in your brand political index over time.