Competitive Intelligence

Tickr Competitive Intelligence Solution Dashboard Screenshot. Real-Time Social Media Listening and analysis tool monitors competitor and peer messaging to observe brand audience numbers and audience reaction. Owned account performance metrics with sentiment analysis along-side peers, competitors and industry partners. Always on multi-channel monitoring ranking millions of media posts based on brand impact, enabling immediate focus on the media that matters.
Screenshot of the Tickr Competitive Inelligence media card metrics obtained in real-time. Breakdown of post analytics by the impact on your topic, the reach of the post, the amount of times it has been favorited and the level of engagement. It also displays an AI-driven sentiment score and the overall topic sentiment.

Competitive Intelligence Solution allows you to track competitor and peer messaging to observe and set benchmarks in brand audience numbers and audience reaction. Owned account performance metrics with sentiment analysis displayed along-side client peers, competitors and industry partners’ owned accounts. Real-Time social media listening of peers and competitors give you key metric insights using the Tickr Competitive Intelligence analytics platform.

Social Media Listening and monitoring provide the key metrics for industry peers displayed side-by-side with your owned channels’ metrics. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to analyze posts to reveal post sentiment and help determine earned post impact. Alternate between competitors to view summary metrics for industry owned social media channels. Peer into competitor owned social media sentiment for a deeper AI-driven brand reputation analysis. Make real-time insights for timely adjustments of your social media campaigns and the voice of your brand.

Competitive Intelligence Solution is one of the many media and marketing analytics solutions offered by Tickr. The Tickr platform for reputation management uses live news and social listening that then undergoes AI-driven sentiment analysis. The Tickr platform integrates real time news and social sources, then analyzes the data for impact and sentiment. Sentiment is evaluated using the latest natural language processing techniques and the overall impact of each mention is scored via a number of key metrics. The top posts and articles can be automatically included in real-time reporting. Tickr provides the leading AI-powered media and marketing analysis and monitoring tools. Drive your decision making with data, contact us today.

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Track peer and competitor messaging, audience reaction, benchmarks, and brand share of voice among your peers and competitors.

See performance for client-brand owned accounts side-by-side with owned accounts from client peers, industry partners and competitors.

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