Hotel Social Key Unlocks the Power of Media Intelligence for Hotel Marketers

Tickr has joined forces with Storified Hospitality Group, a diverse portfolio of services and products aimed specifically at hotel marketers, to roll out a new media intelligence solution specifically designed and priced for travel, tourism and hospitality brands.  The solution, called Hotel Social Key®, unlocks a 360° view of the most important metrics for hotel marketers, including relevant social media activity, news coverage, user sentiment, and information about competitors -- all in real-time.

“We believe that hotel marketers should spend their time doing what they were hired to do -- building awareness, increasing sales, and creating lasting memories for their guests,” said David Beebe, Founder and CEO, Storified Hospitality.  “The challenge for marketers today is that there is just so much data out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Hotel Social Key provides hotel marketers with a single source of truth by enabling them to visualize all of their most important public, private, and third party data in real-time, in one place.  It helps marketers to get ahead of trending stories, identify opportunities, and react quickly so that they can put more heads in beds.”

Hotel Social Key pulls in data from public data sources like social media, trending news, and Trip Advisor reviews, and combines it with proprietary sources like web analytics, ecommerce statistics, paid media performance, and other sales and marketing data.  By providing instant access to cross-channel metrics on one screen with a single sign-on, Hotel Social Key enables marketers to see everything in one place. Hotel Social Key also addresses pain points for hotel marketers by enabling them to compare marketing performance against competitors, and eliminating the need for manual reporting.   It delivers an at-a-glance summary of the most relevant media intelligence via clean and easy-to-understand graphics, allowing hotel marketers to make informed and timely decisions.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Storified Hospitality on Hotel Social Key, and highly enthused about the platform’s potential to help hotel marketers move away from siloed data to make better decisions for their brands in real time. Given the explosive growth we’ve seen in social media and self-publishing platforms, hotel brands need to become more strategic about how they use media, in order to identify opportunities and protect their reputations. With Hotel Social Key, we’ve improved the signal-to-noise ratio by surfacing the most relevant media intelligence for hotel marketers. We believe it has the potential to optimize hotel marketing in a way that’s never been done before.

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