It happens every morning – you awaken to an inbox full of new information that was posted while you were sleeping.  How is it humanly possible to stay on top of the most critical news and social content without pulling focus away from other essential tasks and considerations?

When there’s simply not enough time to read everything out there, you need a system that can point you to the articles that are most important to your brand.  It’s not enough to merely see an article’s topic or understand the reach of the writer before taking the time to read it thoroughly – what you need to understand is how much impact it will have on your business, products or people. 

Impact Score helps you to gauge whether a news story is remarkable, based on the attributes that are most significant to you. The scoring engine is built to rank items according to selected topics that can be configured around specific industries (e.g. automotive, pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality, etc.)   

Tickr Impact Score 1

Tickr’s Impact Score Cuts Through the Clutter

Impact Score improves signal-to-noise ratio by cutting through the clutter and bringing the most important items to the forefront. By presenting articles and social posts in indexed format, Impact Score enables you to weight the importance and relevance of a news or social item at a glance, before deciding whether to digest the entire thing.  Now, you can grasp that instantaneously with Tickr’s new Impact Score, a machine learning-driven index that rates the significance of an article based on four key metrics – Relevance, Influence, Velocity, and Trust.  Tickr’s Impact Score is a breakthrough feature that helps you to identify the most pertinent articles for you based on a sophisticated set of algorithms.  Within Tickr’s PR solution, Impact Score sorts and filters content for easy at-a-glance comparisons by calling up items with similar impact scores.

Impact Score’s algorithms can help you to identify and intercept content that is important for a variety of reasons.  For example, an article with high relevance, high influence, high velocity high trust and positive sentiment is likely a positive article that has gained a large audience.  On the other hand, an article with high relevance, high influence, high velocity, low trust and negative sentiment could signal potentially suspicious content that is being widely circulated and going viral.

Tickr Impact Score 2

Here are some additional details on the metrics behind Tickr’s Impact Score algorithms:

  • Relevance: A weighted multiplier that ranks each piece of content based on how many tracked topics it contains.  The more tracked topics mentioned, the higher the relevance score.
  • Influence (a.k.a Reach): Calculated from the site traffic numbers of the article’s source. An article with high influence means the publishing source has high site traffic and reaches a lot of people.  Also indicates how much the article has been shared across social.
  • Velocity: An indication of how fast a story is trending.  We calculate velocity by taking the number of mentions (weighted by reach) and dividing by time.  
  • Trust: Calculated by the link “distance” between the article and a specific, known trusted source on the web. The closer you are associated to a trusted website, the higher your trust score.

The Tickr team is continuously working to improve the experience of our customers through features like Impact Score, which make it easier for you to focus on the analytics you need.  Request a demo today at http://www.tickr.com/demo.