Tickr Lands $3 Million in New Funding from Angels 3.0

Today we announced that Tickr has secured $3M in equity financing from prominent investor Angels 3.0 to accelerate the development and scaling of our enterprise data applications platform.

This round of funding will enable us to further productize our platform and unify new data streams from a multitude of business-critical applications. As explained by Tuan Palmer, a Founding Partner at Angels 3.0, “This will enable Tickr to do for enterprise data what Netflix is doing for video programming, by providing a single unified interface for a very wide range of sources, enhanced by filtering, post-processing, API support, and smart search.”

We will also use the funds to build out and accelerate Tickr’s partnership program.  Many different types of businesses can benefit from reselling our platform to their existing customer base. Tickr offers a white-labeled integration that can boost revenue by expanding deal size, with zero development overhead on the reseller’s part.  Reselling Tickr creates upsell opportunities as new data integrations are added. It also allows resellers to attract new customers and increase their market share by integrating new information and insight in to their existing product platforms

We’re excited about the potential we are unlocking here, and look forward to working with you to realize our vision over coming months.

Tickr Acquires Market.Space

This morning, Tickr announced its acquisition of Market.Space, a company that provides visualizations of competitive data in real time, across a wide variety of online sources, including news, blogs, social media, video, apps, and more.  

We are very excited about this acquisition because it will provide a turbo boost to our overall capabilities while simultaneously accelerating our momentum in productizing our platform.  The addition of Market.Space’s world class technology, in combination with the unique talents of their team members, will enable us to scale faster without compromising the high quality and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Tickr.

Market.Space helps companies follow competitors, clients, prospects, and portfolios with a full range of real-time competitive business data, in the form of visualizations and scheduled charts.  Their platform uses curation and machine learning to gather, filter, and visualize social media activity, and delivers customized visual results directly into team messaging platforms like Slack, Hipchat and Office 365.  As part of the acquisition, Jason Beatty, CTO and Co-founder, Market.Space, will now lead the engineering team at Tickr, supported by other members of the core development team, including Andrew Lyon, Josh Cottrell, and Sam Kahn – giving us amazing bench-depth in engineering talent.

We hope that you will join us in welcoming the Market.Space crew to our team.  With this acquisition, Tickr offers the most complete solution available for tracking a brand’s presence in the cloud, with a holistic view of real-time data from thousands of sources, all enhanced by filtering, post-processing, API support, and smart search.

We’re honored to be working with some of the most well-respected brands in the world, and we appreciate your support.


Data is the New Oil

We (politely) disagree:

1. Data is much more valuable than oil

2. Data is an unlimited commodity; it doesn't have limitations of a fossil fuel. There will be no "peak data."

3. A unit of oil occupies a given space, data can be copied at marginal cost with zero degradation. Much tougher to use as a bargaining chip if it can be everywhere, freely

Interesting article, though:


Text analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half

Here's a very interesting analysis of Trump tweet content (text, links and images) by David Robinson, Data Scientist at Stack Overflow: "When Trump wishes the Olympic team good luck, he’s tweeting from his iPhone. When he’s insulting a rival, he’s usually tweeting from an Android. Is this an artifact showing which tweets are Trump’s own and which are by some handler?"


Tickr and OMD Team up at Cannes Lions


Tickr will be on hand to deliver a range of engaging and powerful insights via real-time visualisations on trending topics using #OMDOasis, #CannesLions – and not forgetting the football tournament taking place at the same time – relevant UEFA European Championship hashtags. 


ditto labs and tickr


Most marketers utilize a variety of analytics platforms to track campaign success and measure brand performance, but up until this point, have been unable to analyze the content of related photos.  Today,   Tickr announced a partnership with Ditto Labs,the leading provider of photo analytics for social media, to afford marketers real-time performance metrics that include social media photos.


Tickr tracks Oracle

Tickr has joined forces with Oracle Social Cloud to make real-time social intelligence accessible and actionable across the entire organization.  Together, Tickr and Oracle Social Cloud will deliver powerful data alongside other key marketing metrics, as interactive visualizations, live in the browser. This enhanced data visualization provides the entire marketing organization with a holistic view and better understanding of business metrics and performance.


 With new cloud data platforms like Oracle, marketers can access the most up-to-date information available about customers, competition and the market. Until now, the ability to share this information at scale and in business context was limited to static and out-dated reports distributed by email.  Tickr provides real-time data, live in the browser, accessible to everyone on the marketing or agency team. Our relationship with Oracle Social Cloud helps connect every employee in the organization directly to their customers’ behaviors and attitudes, in real time.


You can read more about the partnership here:  http://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/CRM-News/CRM-Across-the-Wire/Tickr-Pairs-Up-with-Oracle-Social-Cloud-108718.aspx

Cannes Lions Announces Official Social Tech Partners

Cannes Lions Announces Official Social Tech Partners

Cannes Lions Announces Official Social Tech Partners:
Crimson Hexagon, Hootsuite & Tickr selected

Cannes Lions Announces Official Social Tech Partners
Crimson Hexagon, leader in social media analytics software; Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for managing social media; and Tickr, the real-time business and marketing performance platform, today announced that they have been selected as the official social technology partners for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity  from June 21-27, 2015. 

Just outside the Palais, Cabana No. 5 will become the “Social Tech Cabana,” where Crimson Hexagon, Hootsuite, and Tickr will be showcasing the very best technology for leveraging social data to inform creative thinking and strategy.  United by the common conviction that creativity is at its best when it is informed and driven by data, the Social Tech Partners will illustrate how the left brain and right brain can work together to greatly improve the return on creative campaigns through real case studies from major consumer brands.


Sysomos and Tickr Power #AppYourService

Sysomos and Tickr Power #AppYourService

May 20, 2015 11:20 ET

Sysomos and Tickr Power #AppYourService

Promotion to Launch Marriott Hotel's Mobile Request Chat Feature

Companies Combine Social Intelligence With Key Enterprise Metrics to Help Marriott Delight New Yorkers and Bring Their Brand of Exemplary Customer Service Into the Mobile Era

TORONTO, ON and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2015) -  Sysomos, the largest independent social intelligence company, and Tickr, the real-time marketing performance platform, joined forces May 14 to power enormously successful buzz marketing stunt of Marriott Hotels' Mobile Request chat feature, which allows travelers to ask for anything, anytime, anywhere. The promotion took place in various locations around Manhattan, with dozens of Marriott ambassadors in Red Coats providing surprise perks and gifts to New Yorkers.

Marriott's new Mobile Requests chat feature, available on the Marriott Mobile App, enables members of Marriott Rewards to immediately connect with 500 Marriott Hotels worldwide before, during and after their stays to request special services and amenities. The new feature has already been introduced at 46 hotels and will be rolled out this summer to the entire global portfolio of Marriott Hotels via the Marriott Mobile App.

Marriott celebrated the launch of Mobile Request on Thursday, May 14 with dozens of Marriott ambassadors in Red Coats engaging in small acts of kindness like hailing a cab or purchasing a cup of coffee. Surprise gifts were given away at key locations such as Grand Central, Central Park, Madison Square Park, Wall Street and Union Square. In addition, some lucky consumers who used the hashtag #AppYourService were met by Red Coat representatives who fulfilled their individual requests.

From a command center in Times Square, Marriott dispatched the Red Coat representatives throughout the day. Marriott tapped Tickr and Sysomos to analyze the millions of conversations that transpire on a given day in New York City to quickly learn and gain understanding about what their customers were saying. With this real-time intelligence, Marriott was able to quickly send out numerous Red Coat responses to #AppYourService requests. Throughout the day, Marriott deployed dozens of Red Coats who fulfilled thousands of requests, garnering tens of millions of social media impressions.

"The #AppYourService Command Center is a perfect example of how Tickr and Sysomos have partnered to provide marketing intelligence for some of the biggest name brands in the world," said Tyler Peppel, CEO and founder, Tickr. "The combination of Tickr's real-time integration and visualization of campaign data with Sysomos' monitoring and analytics tools creates a powerful performance platform. As businesses turn to social intelligence to get a better picture of how their company is perceived and how effective their brand marketing campaigns can be, we are seeing a growing demand for this type of real-time visualization."

"Together, Tickr and Sysomos deliver social intelligence displayed in a highly visual and customizable user interface, making it possible for premier brands like Marriott to immediately understand how their customers and fans are engaging with them," said Lauren Vaccarello, senior vice president of marketing at Sysomos. "Tickr enriches Sysomos' social intelligence platform by connecting disparate enterprise data sources -- such as sales and web metrics, as well as online and broadcast media -- to give marketers and business owners an unmatched real-time view of their brand and business."

About Tickr
Tickr provides a real-time, unified marketing performance platform, empowering organizations with insight into how their brand, products, and services are being perceived and discussed across the web, side-by-side with key performance metrics on advertising marketing, sales and operations. Tickr's cloud platform unifies enterprise data streams from internal business-critical applications like Marketo, Salesforce.com, and Oracle, as well as external sources from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Tickr allows CMOs, CFOs, and other executives to easily create custom real-time dashboards to visualize, evaluate and manage the performance of their programs, from individual marketing campaigns to business-wide efforts. Top brands and agencies like Marriott, Lego, Gatorade, Nike and Edelman rely on Tickr to gain a real-time view of marketing performance, across multiple brands, geographies, and products. To learn more about Tickr, please visit www.tickr.com.

About Sysomos
Sysomos provides the world's most valuable brands immediate context to the hundreds of millions of online conversations happening every day. Marketers rely on the Sysomos social intelligence platform to learn what their customers are saying and to understand the impact on their business. Founded in 2007, Sysomos has offices worldwide, including San Francisco, New York, London and Toronto. Learn more at www.sysomos.com.